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Monday, August 18, 2008

Chapter 9

He was halfway home when he kept thinking back to their moment on the beach. Damn it Jon how could you have been so stupid. She wanted you and you wanted her he came to a stop light and as it turned green he whipped the car around To hell with it! He only hoped that she wouldn’t be too pissed at him.

Back at her apartment Nikki had just stepped into the shower and thought about earlier tonight wondering if maybe she had done something wrong to push him away from her. I knew there had to be something wrong with him. As she washed her hair she closed her eyes wondering what it would be like to have Jon in there with her having him wash her most sensitive parts as she did the same for him. Nikki your not getting laid tonight so don’t work yourself up.....I knew I should have bought that damn vibrator earlier this week. Just as she stepped out of the shower, she heard a knock on her door “Who in the hell could that be this late?” She grabbed the robe from the hanger and walked into the living room “Just a second!” When she opened the door, Jon was standing there “Jon what are you doing here?”

“Nikki I got halfway home and kept thinking about earlier. I need you....I want you” he said hungrily as he walked through the doorway and planted a kiss onto her lips. “Do you still want me?” he whispered. She kissed him back and soon knew her answer. “God Nikki you taste so good baby”

She took his hand and led him into the bedroom where she began to unbutton his shirt kissing his chest every time she did. He stood there watching every move she made and was about to burst through his jeans if he had to wait much longer. She got down to the last button and he slid his shirt off tossing onto the floor as she got on her knees and unbuttoned his jeans gently releasing his hard cock. She began to stroke him making him even harder “Jesus Nikki....” she put her mouth onto him teasing him as she moved her tongue over the tip of his cock. She felt him as he was almost at his peak and slowed down not wanting him to cum yet. She glanced up at Jon and his head tilted back as a moan escaped his mouth. She removed her mouth from him and as she did Jon pulled her up and kissed her passionately as his tongue parted her lips. They went over to the bed and laid down as their hands explored each others bodies. “Nikki I wanna be inside of you so bad” he said breathlessly while still engaging in a kiss. He removed his jeans and pulled a condom out of his wallet, Nikki saw what he had and took it from him. “I wanna put this over you rock hard dick baby” she said in a sexy voice. She rolled it down his shaft and straddled his lap “How bad do you want me?” she asked while grazing her wet pussy over the head of his cock. “So bad I can taste it baby...” he told her while kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples making them harder. She smiled as she lowered herself onto him “Nikki....god baby you are so tight” Jon groaned. Once she had finally taken all of him in she started to rock back and forth, the feeling of his balls against her was putting her over the edge and she let out a moan. He grabbed onto her hips pulling her down to him as far as she could go rocking with her and within minutes they had both had climaxed as their moans filled the room. She fell onto his chest with him still inside her and started to nibble on his neck. “Ooohhh Nikki....I’m gonna...ohhhh god Niikkki!” he had yet another release and knew that if she kept this up he would have a few more.

She removed himself from her and laid down beside him as she ran her hands through his chest hair. “Jon”

“Yeah baby”

She raised up and looked at him with a devilish grin “You wanna go take a shower?” It didn’t take him no time and he was out of the bed following her into the bathroom. She reached in and turned on the shower “You ready?”

His boyish grin suddenly turned into a lustful look of passion as he got into the shower with her. He moved in behind her and grabbed her waist pulling her closer to him as he kissed her on the neck. As he kissed her his hands moved from her waist down to her pussy where he started rubbing her clit making her spread her legs a little. Jon smiled and whispered in her ear “What do you want baby”

She turned around and started stroking his cock as the water poured over their bodies “I want this” she said as she kissed him.

“Your wish is my command honey” he turned her so that her back was against the wall. He grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it around him as he entered her slowly then began to thrust faster as he felt her slightly tighten up around him. “Ooohh Jon....right there....ohhhohh” after they both climaxed they stepped out of the shower and dried each other off and went back into the bedroom where they both crawled back into bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 8

They arrived at the restaurant and she noticed that there was valet parking. She was kind of surprised at that because she didn’t think he would take her to that nice of a restaurant. He parked the car at the entrance and when he saw the attendant he got out of the car and walked over to Nikki’s side to open her door. He held out his hand to her and grinned “Shall we...” She took his hand and it was so unbelievably soft she could only imagine how they would feel moving up and down her body. Nikki this is not a good time to think about this kind of thing. Just go in and enjoy your dinner, whatever happens just happens. They walked in and went to the hostess “We have a reservation for seven o’clock”

“What was the name sir?” the hostess asked while looking through his list


He grabbed two menus and started walking “Follow me please” he took them to a secluded spot in the corner where Jon pulled out a chair for Nikki. The hostess left the menus with them and told them their waiter would be by shortly to take their orders.

Nikki looked down at the menu and almost got chocked on the water she was drinking

Jon heard her and looked up “You alright Nikki?”

“Yeah I’m’s just I wasn’t exactly expecting these prices”

He laughed and shrugged his shoulders “We can go to McDonalds if you want”

“You are really funny you know that”

He winked at her as a smile came across his face “I try my all seriousness though don’t worry about the price alright, just order whatever you want” She agreed as she continued to look over the menu and just as she decided what she wanted the waiter came up and took their order. While they waited on their dinner Jon wanted to know a little more about her so he asked about her family. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” he asked curiously.

“Nope, I’m an only child. How about you”

“Yeah I have two younger brothers. You can have one of them if want!” he joked.

“That’s alright! I’ll stick with being the only one for now.”

Jon laughed at her response “Well if you ever want a little brother let me know!”

“I’ve always promised myself that when I get married I would have at least two, that way they will always someone they can talk to. Because I know first hand how much it sucks not having a sibling”

“So you want two kids huh?”

Shit Nikki you had to mention kids didn’t you, that’s a good way to scare him off “Not anytime in the near future, but.....”

His eyes met hers for a brief moment it was almost like their souls had connected “I kind of figured that, but to be honest with you I wouldn’t mind having a couple of kids myself” he told her softly. “But like you I’m not ready anytime soon” They both sat there smiling at each other when they were interrupted by the waiter bringing their dinner.

“Can I get you two anything else?”

“No sir...” The only thing either one of them wanted was each other but they both wanted to start off slow and get to know each other first. Throughout dinner Jon would glance up and look at Nikki, wondering why he hadn’t agreed to meet her sooner. Once they were finished, they both stood up and Nikki followed Jon as he went to pay the check.

They were walking back out to his car and were waiting for the parking attendant to bring back his car “Thank you for dinner Jon”

“My pleasure baby....” he closed his eyes hoping he wasn’t going to get punched for just calling her that.

Did he just call me baby? Dear god I think I’m going to die! She didn’t say anything to correct him, normally she hated when men would call women that, but when he said it seemed okay for some reason. They both stood their in silence as they waited for his car and once it arrived they got in

“Are you still interested in going down to the shore?” he asked while putting the car in drive.

“Yeah, that sounds good”

They drove down to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park where Jon got his start as a musician “So this is why you wanted to come down here!” she joked.

“Nah, it’s nothing like that. This is just the easiest access to the beach” he parked the car and before he could get over to her side she was already out. He put his hands in his jacket pocket as they started walking down toward the water “Seems like a nice night to take a stroll on the beach.”

“You know as long as I’ve lived here I’ve never been here”

Jon stopped and turned to her “You’ve never been to the beach or you’ve never been to Asbury Park?”

She let out a small laugh while shaking her head “I meant I hadn’t been here at Asbury Park”

They continued walking closer to the water as Jon started to laugh “Okay, I was gonna say if you had never been to the beach you can’t possibly be a Jersey girl”

“Jon if you don’t mind me asking why did you and your last girlfriend break up?” she asked hoping he wouldn’t get mad at her.

“I caught her with my best friend”

She could hear the pain in his voice as he was talking about it. “Jon I’m sorry....I didn’t mean to....”

“It’s alright, with a little convincing from my parents I’m moving on. But I guess the thing that hurt the most was that I thought she was the one. We were even engaged” he surprised himself with that because he had never even told anyone else that, not even his parents. “Now that you know my story, what happened between you and your ex”

She stopped and sat down taking in the view “What didn’t happen between us would be easier”

Jon could tell that he had struck a nerve with the question and tried to change the subject but she had asked him about his last relationship so she couldn’t back out and not tell him. He looked over and he saw a tear coming down her face “Nikki....what’s wrong? You really don’t have to talk about this”

She wiped the tear off her cheek “It’s okay I need to. The only other person that knows what happened is Megan.” She turned to Jon who was concerned about what had happened but he would soon regret knowing. “Billy, my ex was a bit of a control freak. He wouldn’t let me do anything without him knowing about it and god forbid I actually did.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“One night I had gone out with some friends and when I came home he was sitting there waiting on me.” As she told the story more and more tears began to fall. Seeing that she was upset Jon moved over closer and put his arm around her. “That night was the night I had finally had enough of the hitting. I couldn’t deal with it any more”

“And you shouldn’t have to either Nikki. No man, I don’t care who the hell he is or who he thinks he is has no right to hit a woman.

“I can’t believe I just told you that....I’ve held that in for a while now”

He looked deep into her eyes and smiled “You know that not all guys are like that right?”
She smiled back “I do now...”

Jon leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips “I’ve been wanting to do that all night”

“Me too” Nikki smiled and kissed him back, but this time his tongue parted her lips as he gained entrance to her mouth. He laid her back onto the sand with his hands moving up and down her thighs. His hand felt as good on her as she thought they would and actually it was even better than she imagined. Jon was lying on his side and as their kiss became more passionate his hands started to wander up around her lower stomach where he felt the lace at the top of her panties. Without thinking he slipped his hand inside and started stroking her clit. His cock got harder as he felt the wetness growing between her legs. Nikki new that this wasn’t exactly the best thing to do but she couldn’t bring herself to stop.

She had reached down to undo the button on his pants “Nikki....not yet” he whispered as he went from her lips to her neck.. “I want to show you how a woman should be treated” he said hungrily.

She gasped as he slid a finger into her while still stroking her. “Jon...I need you” she hadn’t wanted to be with someone as bad as she did at this moment. Jon removed his hand from her already soaked panties and positioned himself between her legs allowing her to feel his arousal through his slacks.

“Nikki I want you so bad” he kissed her tenderly on the lips “I’ve got to be the first guy to ever say this but I don’t think we should go any farther tonight”

She looked at him not believing what he had just done and pushed him off her “You are such an ass, you’re just like the other ones. First you say want me then you stop when you get what you want” She got up and started walking to the car with Jon running up behind her.

“Nikki wait!” He grabbed her arm and turned her toward him “I didn’t mean that the way you thought. I do want to be with you but....”

She stood there with her hands on her hips “But what Jon” she asked angrily.

“Look every relationship I’ve had started off with sex and none of them worked out. I know we just met but I can look you right in the eye and tell you that I already care about you. I can’t say that I’ve felt that with any other person, not even my ex” he told her with sincerity hoping she would understand where he was coming from.

No matter how badly she wanted to throw sand in his face and never see him again, she saw that he was telling her the truth. She looked into his blue eyes and knew exactly what he was talking about. “I know what you mean” she said softly. Jon linked his hand with hers as they walked back up to the car and each step they took he was kicking himself knowing that he could have his dick buried inside of her right now. This is for the best Jon keep telling yourself that. They got back into the car where Jon drove back to her apartment and once they got there he decided to walk her up. He wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked down the hallway and arrived at her door. “Is it alright if I call you tomorrow?” he asked.

She nodded as she looked through her purse for her keys “Do you want to come in for a few minutes?”

He wanted too but knew that once he stepped inside he wouldn’t be able to resist her “It’s almost midnight so I should probably head back to my place”

“Okay, well I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow then”

Jon pulled her close to him and kissed her one last time before going back to his apartment.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chapter 7

The next morning Nikki woke up with what felt like a thousand butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She couldn’t understand what it was about Jon that made her this way. Normally she was never like this but for some reason the thought of him made her feel like a teenager all over again. She hopped up out of her bed and looked over at her closet “What am I going to wear!” There were a lot of new outfits she had but she wanted to make sure she picked out the one she thought that Jon would like. “Maybe I should call Megan, she should know what he likes”

As she was standing there looking through her closet her phone rang making her heart skip a beat. She ran across the room to the night stand to pick it up.


“Hey girl whatcha doin?”

“Hey Megan. I was getting ready to call you”

“Why is something wrong? Is Billy bothering you again?”

“No, thank god I haven’t heard from him in a few days. I was actually calling you about Jon”

“Oh my god did he call you Nikki?”

“Yeah he called me last night and wants to go out tonight. Now what I need to know is what in the hell should I wear!” She could hear Megan giggling in the background. “What’s so funny?”

“Just that you were against going out with him and now you’re worried about what to wear. Could this be the beginning of love?” She questioned.

“Shut up Megan I’m serious. I don’t want to scare the guy away? Does he go for the girl next door look or the slutty look” she asked laughing.

“I don’t know.....his last girlfriend had the girl next door look. You know the one that you’re not ashamed to take home to mom”

Nikki couldn’t help but laugh. “Thank god because I don’t feel like being slutty tonight”

“Jon really isn’t a picky guy as far as girls go though....”

Nikki spoke up before Megan even got finished. “Thanks a lot Megan!”

“Will you let me finish?! What I was going to say is that he tends to go for what’s on the inside of a person not the outside. He’s gone for looks before and she turned out to be the biggest bitch on the planet. So after her he was really careful with who he went out with”

“Okay so if he was careful after her then what happened with the last girl he dated?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t know all the details....I think I’ll let him tell you....”

“Okay” Nikki figured it must have been really bad judging by what her friend had just said. He seemed like a sweet guy so she couldn’t imagine what even happened between them. “Well let me get off of here, I need to go find an outfit for tonight”

“Have fun tonight! And I want all the details...well except if you two have sex. I don’t want to here about my cousin” she told her trying to hold back laughing.

“MEGAN! You know I wouldn’t do that on the first date!” She paused for a second then laughed “Maybe the second but not the first!”

“Oookay...on that note I’m off here! I’ll talk to you later. Bye Nikki!” she could hear her friend laughing as she was hanging up. “I have a feeling the both of them are in for a fun night...”

Back at Jon’s apartment he was having the same issues as Nikki, not exactly sure what he should wear. He was taking her to a really nice restaurant so his normal jeans and t shirt were not an option. While looking through his closet he found a pair of black dress pants he’d forgotten that he had “These will do, now all I need is a decent shirt” He continued to look through his closet not having any luck “You have got to be fucking kidding me, how can I not have a shirt in all these clothes” Just when he thought he would have to go out and buy one for tonight he found a silk baby blue shirt. He grabbed it off the hanger and looked at it “Works for me!”

After getting his clothes picked out he went into the living room to call his mom to let her know that he was not coming over for dinner. He knew she wouldn’t be happy but he was going to be in town until after the holidays so they would have plenty of time to have dinner.

Later that evening Nikki was getting ready and the closer it got to seven the more nervous she got. She stood in front of the mirror double checking her outfit, and had decided on a black dress with a v neckline showing a little of her breasts “I hope he like’s this.” She went into her bedroom where she got her new full length leather coat and heard a knock on the door. “I guess that’s him” she walked over to the door and took in a deep breath while turning the knob. Her eyes widened when she saw Jon. Absolutely gorgeous. The blue shirt that he had on made his eyes stand out even more, not to mention he had the first four buttons of his shirt undone exposing the chest hair that she just wanted to run her hand through. I don’t know if I can make it through this tonight without jumping on him.

Jon handed her a dozen roses “These are for you....” He couldn’t help but stare at her she was even prettier than he had imagined. A smile spread across his face as he bit on his bottom lip when he saw her breasts. “You look really nice tonight” he said shyly.

“Thank do you” she moved out of the way and motioned for him to step inside “Just have a seat. I’m going to put these in some water then I’ll be ready” she was smiling as she walked into the kitchen. And Jon was enjoying watching her walk, he didn’t want to rush things with her like he had done before but damn if it wasn’t going to be hard not to. She walked back into the living room and saw him looking at some of her photos on the shelf. “Finding anything interesting” she asked while putting on her dress shoes.

He glanced over and smiled “Just looking. Did you take these?”

“Yeah, I do that in my spare time.”

“Some of these are really good, why don’t you do that for a living” he questioned.

“It’s just a hobby for me. Besides that if I made it my career I don’t think I would enjoy it that much”

“I guess you’re right” he stood there watching her and was curious as to why she broke up with her last boyfriend. To Jon she seemed perfect. “ ready to go?”

She told him that she was and he opened the door letting her out first. “Where are we going to?”

“The car?” Jon told her sarcastically.

“Well I kind of figured that much!” she glanced over and smiled at him “I meant where are we going for dinner?”

He opened up the car door for her as she got in “A new restaurant that just opened up in town”

Chapter 6

Jon got back to his apartment and tossed his jacket onto the chair as he walked in the door. The first thing he did was grab his wallet out of his back pocket to get her number. He picked up the phone as he sat down on the couch and suddenly started feeling a little nervous. What in the hell is wrong with you Jon? It’s not like you’ve never called a girl before. After letting out a deep breath he dialed her number and he let the phone ring about eight times “Well hell, I guess she’s not home” Just as he was getting ready to hang up she answered the phone.



“Yes this in Nikki....who is this?”

“Jon...umm Megan’s cousin”

“Oh Hi! ” Nikki stood there in shock not believing that he actually called her that fast.

“So did you have a good day at work?”

Nikki laughed “I was at work what does that tell you”

“That tells me that you probably didn’t” he said laughing. Damn it Jon ask her out don’t screw this up. “Nikki....are you doing anything tomorrow?”

She had the biggest smile on her face as she heard the question “Nope, I was just going to sit here and read” Geez Nikki you sound like a complete loser....I’m going to could at least say you were going to get drunk. Make your life at least sound a little exciting!

Jon had a smirk on his face and figured he would mess with her “Well I don’t want to interrupt your reading. Maybe we could go out some other time”

“NO! Thats okay, I need to go out.....Did that sound too eager?” she asked while laughing.

“Not at all....” just the sound of her laughing made him want to be with her.

“So what were your plans for tomorrow night?” she asked curiously.

“That depends on you”

She sat there for a second before she replied “Depends on me?”

“Yeah....what is your idea of a perfect date” he asked softly wanting to know the kinds of things that she liked.

The question caught her off guard because no guy had ever even asked for her opinion, she just did what they wanted to. “I really don’t know.......I guess a nice dinner maybe?”

“I think I can manage that” he knew the most perfect and romantic place to take her to “What about a walk on the beach?”

What is this guy doing to me? He’s almost to good to be true... “That sounds like it would be the perfect date” she said softly.

“ seven o’clock okay for you?”She smiled

“Yeah. That’s fine with me. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then”

“I’ll see you then....”

“Okay, bye Jon”

“Bye ba....umm Nikki”Jon quickly hung up the phone hoping she didn’t catch what he was about to call her. Smooth move Jon! He got up off the couch grinning from ear to ear and headed off to take a shower.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapter 5

Jon looked up at the clock sleepily and while glancing across the room he saw Megan. "Its about time you got up. Do you always sleep this late Jon?"

Jon nodded while he stretched out his arms "I gotta get my beauty sleep" he laughed as he got up off the couch. "Damn Megan why didn’t you wake me up last night?"

"You were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to wake you. And by the way you had a huge smile on your face too. Were you thinking about anyone in particular?" she questioned.

Jon thought back about who he was dreaming and started to smile again "Maybe...."

Megan and Jon went into the kitchen while she made herself some coffee "So what did you think of her?"

He grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and sat down at the table"You know what...I’m always giving you a hard time about setting me up but this time I have to say you did good."

"You mean you are actually going to ask her out" she asked with excitement.

"Well she gave me her number so no use in letting it go to waste." he smiled "Besides that she seems like somebody I would like to get to know better"

Megan got her coffee and sat down across from her cousin "I’m not going to say I told you so....."

Jon laughed "Then don’t!" he got up and tossed the bottle in the trash "I guess I need to go over and see my folks. They are going to be pissed I didn’t go back last night"

"Just tell them you were here they won’t care"

"Easy for you to mom will swear I was out drinking all night. I’m 23 years old and she still bitches at me" he laughed while putting on his jacket.

"Tell Aunt Carol I said hi and if I don’t talk to you before you go out with Nikki.... have fun!"

"You are really sure she’s gonna go out with me aren’t you?"

She smiled back and took a drink of her coffee "I just have this feeling...."

Later that day Jon had spent the day with his family like he had planned, but like a teenager in love he couldn’t wait to back to his apartment and call Nikki. Not since his last girlfriend had he been this excited and he wasn’t even dating her yet. Jon’s mother was talking to him and noticed her son was preoccupied with something so she had asked him what it was.

He was thinking back to the previous night when he caught a glimpse of Nikki as her shirt rose up to her mid stomach "Uhh...I’m sorry what did you say?"

Frustrated that he wasn’t listening she repeated her question "I asked if something was bothering you"

"No mom I’m fine....just a little tired I guess"

Carol arched her brow knowing that it was a little more than being sleep deprived that had Jon acting this way. She knew her son better than anyone and if she had to guess, it was a girl that made him like this. I guess he’ll tell me about her when he’s ready Carol only hoped that he wasn’t getting back together with his ex. He deserved so much better than her. "Johnny, do you want to stay here tonight? You know that you still have a room here"

"Nah....I’m going to go back to my place, I have a few things I need to do" he looked down at his watch at noticed that it was 9 pm "Damn, I didn’t realize it was that late already" he hoped by the time he got home it wouldn’t be too late to call her.

"Are you coming over for dinner tomorrow?" she asked curiously.

He shrugged his shoulder as he got up "I’m not sure yet....just depends" He walked over to his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek "I’ll give you a call tomorrow and let you know for sure"

Jon got his things together and walked to the door with his mom "Be careful honey....and I’ll see you tomorrow" she smiled and waved at her son as he walked out the door.

He returned the smile "You might see me tomorrow...."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter 4

The next day at work for the first time in weeks, Nikki walked in with a smile on her face. As soon as she walked through the door she was greeted by one of her co-workers Sarah, "Hey Nikki, how are you today?"

She hung up her coat and smiled "I’m just fine, how are you"

"You’re awfully happy to be here at work today" she walked over to were Nikki was standing
"Did you get laid last night?" she whispered.

She smiled thinking back "No! I did meet someone though"

"So who is the guy that has you all smiles" Sarah asked.

"Megan’s cousin.....She had been trying to get us together for a while and last night I finally went to meet just so she would leave me alone" she started laughing as she walked back to the office.

Sarah’s mouth dropped open as she ran right behind her "Wait just a minute...Do you mean Megan’s cousin Jon?"

Nikki turned around in shock " know him?"

"Jon Bongiovi right?"

Nikki raised a brow as she turned to go back out the door "Yeesss...."

Her eyes widened "My god Nikki do you not know who he is?"

She shrugged her shoulders unsure exactly what Sarah was talking "Ummm he is Jon Bongiovi....Megan’s cousin. What’s the big deal"

Sarah got one of the other workers to come over to them "Guess who Nikki is dating"

"Hold on Sarah, I never said we were...." she couldn’t even finish her sentence before Sarah told the other girl who it was.

"Oh my god are you kidding me! I have wanted to meet him so bad!"
Nikki was a bit confused about what the big deal was he was just another guy or so she thought.

"Damn Nikki do you live under a rock...his band is the biggest thing out of Jersey since Springsteen!"

She really wasn’t that big into rock music so it really didn’t even impress her that he was in a popular band. "Okay and I work here at this wonderful little diner" she said sarcastically "Who cares?"

Meanwhile back at his parents house Jon had just woken up as the sun started shining through his window. He looked over at the clock and it was noon "Shit, I didn’t mean to sleep that long!" He rolled out of bed and grabbed his jeans so that he could go downstairs and see his family. Knowing he would only be in town he wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but he also wanted to get to know Nikki a little more. Ever since last night he couldn’t stop thinking about her. I think I’ll give her a call later tonight. He didn’t want to rush things with her but at the same time he was curious about her, she wasn’t the typical girl that he went out with. Something about her was just different and he was intrigued by her.